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About Charles Fuld

About Charles Fuld

CLF Industrial Supplies has been in the business for almost two decades now. The founder, Mr. Charles Fuld is a very hardworking man who believes in being a problem solver.

Let’s hear the rest of the story from the man behind this service himself.

I started as a salesman for an industrial chemical manufacturing company in 1995. This work experience helped me in building insider contacts. Then I decided to go into the business myself. I started with maintenance chemicals and grew into an ‘all-encompassing commercial supply and maintenance solutions’ company.

I now have 22 years of ‘problem solving’ experience and business contacts to deliver high quality and on demand service.

~Charles Fuld

Why Choose CLF Industrial Supplies?

  • We go above and beyond to make customers happy.
  • We offer industry knowledge to help customers fill the gaps and find solutions to their problems.
  • We don’t stop at just fulfilling orders; we also provide access to warehouse to fulfill last minute orders.
  • CLF Industrial Supplies is a one-stop shop with over 25 years in the maintenance supplies business.
  • We make purchasing sensible and fun.
  • We also offer weekly or monthly access to industry events in Boston